Hello! I’m Mojo and I’m a simaholic! As you can see I’ve started yet another challenge! But this one is nice and short and should be finished in no time! Well, it better… I have a deadline! You see, over on boolprop, we have the valentine’s day events going on and one of the challenges is to start and complete a bachelor/bachelorette challenge before the end of the month! So I’ve currently put all of my other challenges on hold so I can focus on getting this done ASAP!

Anyway! Here are the rules that I’m following!

  • Set up a house however you want to.
  • Provide them with everything they need to live comfortable.
  • Provide them with a range of activity items, that will help them to interact with each other.
    • (eg … guitar, chess, dominoes, pool, ping pong table ect)
  • choose your Bachelor / Bachelette and place them in the house with 7 sims of the opposite sex
  • Leave your sims TOTALLY to FREE WILL, even your Bachelor sim. As soon as you start the challenge you no longer control any of your sims.
    • Not even if they are doing something that will result in their death … you just sit back and watch.
  • Let them mingle and get to know each other for three days.
  • On the fourth day the sim with the lowest friendship with the Bachelor sim is evicted from the house.
  • Every day after that at midnight … the sim with the lowest friendship is evicted,
    until you are eventually left with one sim besides your Bachelor.
  • From the fifth day it is optional if you do the group activities and get together’s
    that most rule sets instruct you to do.
  • If your Bachelor dies at any time …. you have failed the challenge

So grab a chair and sit back and enjoy the show!